Volunteering Programmes

Volunteering Programmes

HNF Befriending Programme

Volunteering can be as simple as just being a friend to our patients. Many of our patients live alone or may receive limited support from their families. You can be a friend and let them know someone cares.

If you are :

  • keen to help them in their areas of needs (e.g. reading their letters, be a companion, etc.);
  • able commit to weekly visits for the long term;
  • conversant in either Mandarin, Chinese dialects, Malay or Tamil;

Organising Outdoor Activities

A fun way to get involved is to help organise outings, excursions, exciting activities and festive celebrations for our patients. In the past, our volunteers and patients had enjoyed fun-filled days at places such as Jurong Bird Park, River Safari, Resort World Sentosa and many more.

Outreach and Fundraising Projects

Donations are crucial to us in extending our services to our less privileged patients. You can play a part in helping to organise and execute fundraising projects and initiatives for us. If you have new ideas on holding your own fundraising event in support of HNF and our patients, we will be happy to hear from you too.


Administrative and Logistic Support

You can also help us with administrative and logistic tasks such as packing and distributing goodie bags, assisting at road shows and events, or providing transport to collect sponsored items.

Patients’ Wish List

Items on our Patients' Wish Lists include household necessities and medical supplies which they cannot afford due to their financial circumstances. By fulfilling their wishes, you are helping them to get through their days more easily with these essentials. We need volunteers who are able to raise the necessary funds, purchase these items and deliver them to our patients' home.

Sponsorship of Food/Daily Necessity Hampers

You can sponsor hampers that contain food items such as packet cereals, oats, biscuits, noodles or daily necessities such as toiletries, and household cleaning and disinfectant products. These hampers are helpful in easing the financial burdens of our patients. It is your way of letting them know that someone is there to lend a helping hand.

Adopting HNF as a Charity

We are open to any opportunities to work with corporations on ideas for corporate social responsibility programmes. Be it adopting HNF as a charity or helping our patients on a one-time basis, we are happy to hear from you.